New Job?

I am rubbish at keeping up with this blog…possibly due to having the most boring life ever at the moment.

And Taylor Swift says being 22 is amazing. She was lying. Greg James’s version is much more accurate.

My last few posts have been about my weight loss, my job and my book blog. They are all going great. I am 3 pounds off 2 stone now, so i’m pushing hard to get this uni weight off. My book blog is going great too, I’m making some really good contacts, and making great friends with authors as well as receiving advanced copies of books and being a part of such a friendly community.
And I am still working part-time although i don’t earn over £200 a month. Being skint even on payday isn’t an awesome feeling.

BUT, and its a fingers-crossed-this-works-out-for-me BUT…I have two, yes, two interviews next week. Well one really, as i think one is an induction. The induction one is for a library assistant for 6 weeks during the Cardiff uni exam period. It’s good money and that is something i am in dire need of at the moment, but i also want to do this job as I want my career to involved books in some way. Being a library assistant is a little foot in the door.

Now the second interview is for a PR Communications Assistant. I apply for so many FT jobs that I lose track of where i have applied so i need to dig deep with research with this company as i cant remember applying for it, but its a job which i think i would do pretty great in as its to do with my degree. Its a 6 months contract with a chance of being permanent, and if i do get it and i being permanent then it means i can move back out of my family home and FINALLY get my own place. So everyone, please cross your fingers for me because i really want this job and i want out of my PT job as retail is not all its cracked up to be anymore (Sorry if you love retail, its just not for me anymore)

I’ll let you all know how i get on and if i get the job. I hope I do, it involves writing, marketing and publishing and i want to get into marketing and publishing books so its another foot in the door! Eee i’m nervous and excited for next week now, but heres to my luck hopefully looking up.

Until next time!


Not a lot to report

With my last post being NYE, I have to say not a lot has happened.

I’m still reading and reviewing, and I have still trying to make a brand name out of myself so someone will notice my skills and take it upon themselves to give me a chance in the publishing world. Whether it’s editing, looking for the next big author, marketing books…even if it’s just work experience, it would give me a chance to get my foot in the door. So if anyone reading this wants to give me a chance to prove to them I am serious in having a career in Publishing, please check out my book review blog and get in touch. *fingers crossed*

I found out that I wasn’t a Christmas temp at NEXT, but was always a part-timer. I was kind of annoyed that I wasn’t told that because i was fretting about not having a job at the end of Xmas but regardless, I am still working in NEXT, getting to know the people I work with and expanding on my skills every time I work a shift.

I have also now lost a stone and a half, so much so, i have put some clothes on EBay that are too big for me now. I only have another stone and a half before I have reached my goal. It doesn’t matter how long it takes me to reach that goal, the fact is I am loosing weight at a steady pace and not all at once.

I am still writing my book. Whether it’s finished this year or next, i WILL finish it and hopefully put it online for people to read, if they want to. Its more for me to prove that i can write a book. I’ve been writing since i was a teenager so to self-pub my book or just send it to a selective few who want to read it – then i can tick that off my list.

I’m hoping my next update will be more thrilling. I am still looking for work experience, internships and full-time employment as i wish to move out and back to Cardiff later this year. Saving up when you only earn £150 a month is quite hard, especially when trains to work cost £6.40, but I’ll get there. I have faith!