Luck has come my way.

So you remember me telling you about how I had an interview last week for a PR Comms Assistant job? Of course you all do.

Well I have some news to share with you all….drum roll please…


You really cannot fathom how excited and giddy i still am! I found out yesterday morning, whilst i was on the Megabus heading to London for the night. The waiting game was horrible and it was either going to be a great night in London, or i was going to be sulking all weekend. It was definitely the former.

I wanted to scream that i had a job on the bus, but i didn’t think many people would appreciate it so instead i squealed to my best friend, proceeded to ring my parents and grandparents, text all my friends, tweet and facebook the news all the while trying to contain my inner screams about how i now have a full time job and its a job to do with my degree.

So yes, London was amazing. Me and my friend spent a few hours together before meeting the friend we were staying with. We ate lunch in Hyde Park, watched an Indian film being made at Trafalgar Square. Walked in and then back out of Tate Modern, ‘shopped’ on Oxford Street, drank with the posh people before heading to Below Zero and having 40 minutes in the ice room drinking. The we went to an Italian restaurant next door where we were joined by another friend. Me and my friend proceeded to drink a bottle of Prosecco then on to the last pub where we had more drink. So to say i was drunk would be an understatement. I had an amazing day/night in London and even had one last drink at 1pm today in Wetherspoons in Victoria station before catching the bus home, hungover and tired. (And this is someone who hardly drinks anymore. I really packed it in didn’t i?!)

I really cannot wait to start in two weeks time. 2013 wasnt looking that grand for me. My luck has been non-existent for nearly a year now but thank you so much (I’m thinking you are waiting for this post haha) for believing in me enough to offer me this job and i look forward to becoming  a part of the company and working my butt off!

Here’s to handing in my notice on Wednesday for NEXT 😀

And here’s to going to sleep now- I’m surprised I’m still up…



Have you gone through life without a single job interview?

In my 20 years, I’ve only ever had two jobs. Well three now if you count the one I’ll be starting when I return back to university in September.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to two interviews in my life – not exactly an experienced interviewee. One when I was 16 for Superdrug and another a few months ago for Laura Ashley, but the jobs I’ve had, I’ve never needed to be interviewed for. I’m not lying; I’ve gotten these jobs through an ex-boyfriend and my friends.
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How your Student Loan goes down the drain

Every year thousands upon thousands of students decide that carrying on their education and going to university is the best option for them. Especially now as the recession is causing many businesses to fall apart and jobs are being lost because there is no work to be done. I know from experience as my dad has lost his job and my mum is on the verge of losing hers. But university seems to be a way of spending 3 years with a massive student loan which all goes to waste on alcohol and night club entries anyway, leading to lectures being missed every once in a while (or nearly every day for some people) and just either blagging your way through the 3 years or failing them.

I’ve only just started my second year, but I know that in my first year all my money just seemed to vanish. Living in halls, it was simpler to ‘keep control’ of the money you had. Student loan companies would transfer money into your account and as soon as it went in, it went straight to the halls of residence, leaving you with a substantial amount of money to last you a few months before the next instalment, but alas, as a fresher you want to meet as many people as possible and make new friends, so going out is essential, and with no money, that’s what an overdraft is for. I’ve never been in my overdraft, as I sneakily took money out of my savings account, but I know plenty of people who are hundreds of pounds into it and even their loan doesn’t cover getting back out of it.

That’s the scary thought, imagine going so far into your overdraft that no matter what you do, you just can’t get out of it. One of my housemates boyfriend is so far in, every time his wages go in, the overdraft sucks the money up so he is completely skint every month because of it. Maybe that is his own fault, maybe he shouldn’t have been going out every night spending god knows how much on drinks and entries fees, but then university, wouldn’t be university without getting pissed every night.
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