What are your memories? part 2

Back in 2010, I wrote a blog about memories and how photographs trigger that certain moment in time. Well since it’s been over two years since I’ve done this, it’s time to add to that collect.
The last photograph was when I had moved into my student house in my second year. I’ll start off from that time and work my way to where I am now, graduated and moved back home.
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Trouble in paradise?

Every year many students decide to take a gap year, but while most of us think they go smoothly, no one ever thinks about the disasters that may happen along the way.

After graduating from university, I’m going to take a gap year – or two, before beginning a life of full time employment and a limited social life. I have already done a lot of research into my chosen countries and there are many famous landmarks that I’m aiming to see along the way.

I may be wrong, but it’s safe to say that every student, no matter where they are from, has seen the video “Gap Yah” on Youtube. If not, where have you been? Go and watch it. It’s hilarious. It’s a spoof of British public school students who boast about their experiences, typically in the third world, prior to attending university.

To quote the actor in the video, gap year students will ‘Chunder everywhere…’ on their travels, as alcohol percentages are different from those here in the U.K. and of course partying is the main priority for any student – no matter where you are.

But while many go off to ‘explore the cultures’ of different countries, no one ever expects things to go wrong. Many people I know have taken gap years or gap months – as I like to call them – and only a few have had something gone wrong along the way.
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Want to go travelling? Then do it!

When you were 16 and still in school, all your teachers would tell you how exciting university was, how you would make new friends and have your own independency living away from home. What they didn’t tell you was that you don’t need to carry on straight into more education, but you could defer a year and go off on your travels before being thrown into doing more essays and exams.

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“I may have more work to do, but I have a swimming pool”

University of Glamorgan student, Cerys Traylor, decided to uproot her life for the second year of her journalism degree, and move to Florida to experience university and culture in another country. And although she may have more work to do, she still has a pool to relax in.

Her decision came after many months of speculating whether to stay in Wales for her second year or move to Florida, where she would be much happier studying and having a fresh start as ‘life in Cardiff was becoming monotonous’ she says, and that ‘Toy Mic Trev and the Rasta Bin man could only keep me entertained for so long.’

(Toy Mic Trevor is a street entertainer. He performs on Cardiff’s Queen Street, using an Echo-brand toy microphone entertaining all that watch whereas Rasta Bin man plays the bins with drumsticks – Cardiff eh?)

Cerys with the Universitys Mascott

The university of North Carolina and The University of Missouri were also options to choose from, but like any fashion conscious girl, Florida was the only option for Cerys, and she feels she has done the right thing in having an exchange year there. She says “The Americans I have spoken to have told me that coming here to study is a good choice and to enjoy it as much as I can.”

She told me that the difference between here and there is that there are huge amounts of work to do after each class, and the professors often do pop quizzes and class participations, which all contribute towards your final grade.

And with 3 days a week in University, starting at 9.40am until 2pm, Cerys seems to have a lot of time on her hands but procrastinating isn’t an option, which is a shame as Cerys loves to do anything other than work!
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My Kenyan Experience


Kenya is such an amazing country. It has amazing people and an amazing culture, and I was so privileged to have spent a month with such caring and loving Kenyans who were so happy that 50 teenagers were keen to be a part of their life for the 30 days we were in the beautiful country experiencing their way of life and indulging in their culture.

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