Luck has come my way.

So you remember me telling you about how I had an interview last week for a PR Comms Assistant job? Of course you all do.

Well I have some news to share with you all….drum roll please…


You really cannot fathom how excited and giddy i still am! I found out yesterday morning, whilst i was on the Megabus heading to London for the night. The waiting game was horrible and it was either going to be a great night in London, or i was going to be sulking all weekend. It was definitely the former.

I wanted to scream that i had a job on the bus, but i didn’t think many people would appreciate it so instead i squealed to my best friend, proceeded to ring my parents and grandparents, text all my friends, tweet and facebook the news all the while trying to contain my inner screams about how i now have a full time job and its a job to do with my degree.

So yes, London was amazing. Me and my friend spent a few hours together before meeting the friend we were staying with. We ate lunch in Hyde Park, watched an Indian film being made at Trafalgar Square. Walked in and then back out of Tate Modern, ‘shopped’ on Oxford Street, drank with the posh people before heading to Below Zero and having 40 minutes in the ice room drinking. The we went to an Italian restaurant next door where we were joined by another friend. Me and my friend proceeded to drink a bottle of Prosecco then on to the last pub where we had more drink. So to say i was drunk would be an understatement. I had an amazing day/night in London and even had one last drink at 1pm today in Wetherspoons in Victoria station before catching the bus home, hungover and tired. (And this is someone who hardly drinks anymore. I really packed it in didn’t i?!)

I really cannot wait to start in two weeks time. 2013 wasnt looking that grand for me. My luck has been non-existent for nearly a year now but thank you so much (I’m thinking you are waiting for this post haha) for believing in me enough to offer me this job and i look forward to becoming  a part of the company and working my butt off!

Here’s to handing in my notice on Wednesday for NEXT 😀

And here’s to going to sleep now- I’m surprised I’m still up…



New Job?

I am rubbish at keeping up with this blog…possibly due to having the most boring life ever at the moment.

And Taylor Swift says being 22 is amazing. She was lying. Greg James’s version is much more accurate.

My last few posts have been about my weight loss, my job and my book blog. They are all going great. I am 3 pounds off 2 stone now, so i’m pushing hard to get this uni weight off. My book blog is going great too, I’m making some really good contacts, and making great friends with authors as well as receiving advanced copies of books and being a part of such a friendly community.
And I am still working part-time although i don’t earn over £200 a month. Being skint even on payday isn’t an awesome feeling.

BUT, and its a fingers-crossed-this-works-out-for-me BUT…I have two, yes, two interviews next week. Well one really, as i think one is an induction. The induction one is for a library assistant for 6 weeks during the Cardiff uni exam period. It’s good money and that is something i am in dire need of at the moment, but i also want to do this job as I want my career to involved books in some way. Being a library assistant is a little foot in the door.

Now the second interview is for a PR Communications Assistant. I apply for so many FT jobs that I lose track of where i have applied so i need to dig deep with research with this company as i cant remember applying for it, but its a job which i think i would do pretty great in as its to do with my degree. Its a 6 months contract with a chance of being permanent, and if i do get it and i being permanent then it means i can move back out of my family home and FINALLY get my own place. So everyone, please cross your fingers for me because i really want this job and i want out of my PT job as retail is not all its cracked up to be anymore (Sorry if you love retail, its just not for me anymore)

I’ll let you all know how i get on and if i get the job. I hope I do, it involves writing, marketing and publishing and i want to get into marketing and publishing books so its another foot in the door! Eee i’m nervous and excited for next week now, but heres to my luck hopefully looking up.

Until next time!

Not a lot to report

With my last post being NYE, I have to say not a lot has happened.

I’m still reading and reviewing, and I have still trying to make a brand name out of myself so someone will notice my skills and take it upon themselves to give me a chance in the publishing world. Whether it’s editing, looking for the next big author, marketing books…even if it’s just work experience, it would give me a chance to get my foot in the door. So if anyone reading this wants to give me a chance to prove to them I am serious in having a career in Publishing, please check out my book review blog and get in touch. *fingers crossed*

I found out that I wasn’t a Christmas temp at NEXT, but was always a part-timer. I was kind of annoyed that I wasn’t told that because i was fretting about not having a job at the end of Xmas but regardless, I am still working in NEXT, getting to know the people I work with and expanding on my skills every time I work a shift.

I have also now lost a stone and a half, so much so, i have put some clothes on EBay that are too big for me now. I only have another stone and a half before I have reached my goal. It doesn’t matter how long it takes me to reach that goal, the fact is I am loosing weight at a steady pace and not all at once.

I am still writing my book. Whether it’s finished this year or next, i WILL finish it and hopefully put it online for people to read, if they want to. Its more for me to prove that i can write a book. I’ve been writing since i was a teenager so to self-pub my book or just send it to a selective few who want to read it – then i can tick that off my list.

I’m hoping my next update will be more thrilling. I am still looking for work experience, internships and full-time employment as i wish to move out and back to Cardiff later this year. Saving up when you only earn £150 a month is quite hard, especially when trains to work cost £6.40, but I’ll get there. I have faith!



Happy New Year!!


Just a quick blog post to wish you all a very happy and drunken New Year’s Eve!

This year I have decided to stay in and roll the New Year in with my mum whilst watching TV and drinking wine. Over the past few NYE’s most of them have been bigged up and ended up as a rubbish night out; plus clubs are too expensive, I hate large crowds, the drinks are expensive and probably watered down and the taxi’s cost double. So…I am in favour of a cheap night in for once!!

Anyway, if you are going out, have a great time and have a drink for me! Leave 2012 in the past and look forward to what you can achieve in 2013. Make it the best year you can.

I’m not making any resolutions for next year as I never keep them, but as long as I just keep up my weight loss and applying for jobs I know I can do and will make me happy, then it’s all I can ask for. Also, I have been kept on in NEXT so that’s a great present to me, yet books is my passion, so one day I WILL make this a career. Next year? Maybe, who knows what will happen.

2012 for me has had its ups and down, and right now, I am as happy as I can be. I hope 2013 can carry on being as great as the last couple of months for me and I hope I can write how amazing 2013 has been this time next year.

See you on the other side 🙂


Update on everything.

I’m been a bit rubbish with this blog recently as I haven t had much news to share, but I’m going to give you a little update on what Ive been up to this past month.

Weight Loss

I have now lost 20 pounds! YAY! As i mentioned in my last weight loss post, I feel really great about myself. I do have another 2/3 more stone to lose, although I don’t really need to loose that much, it would be nice to see if i can get to a weight that i haven’t been since i was a child hahah. But I’ve dropped a dress size which is great and I’m feeling really good about myself at the moment. It’s amazing what staying focused and losing weight gradually can do to ones self-esteem and confidence. Many friends have told me I’ve gained confidence, and I have. Not much, granted, but I’m getting there. Over Xmas I am still sticking to WW and trying not to deter too far from it as I don’t want to go back to weigh after Xmas and be shown that i have put on. So here’s to being good this year for once.

Book update

I’ve written about 80 pages so far but recently I haven’t written anything. I still plan to write, and as I’ve said, i have the story, but I’m just not feeling like writing at the moment. I’m sure after the New Year my muse will come back, but right now, I don’t have the motivation to sit down and write when I have books to read and review and I have an Xmas job to go to. I WILL write this book, as its something i have been wanting to do for years, but right now…its not happening.

Book Reviews

On a happier note, as you can see from the sidebar, I have set up my own Book Review Blog – if you would so kindly take a look. As someone who LOVES books, it was inevitable that this would be a career path to go down. Right now, I have many an author who are emailing me and asking me to review their books in return for an honest review – hence being too busy to write. Albeit, some books I do not review as they are not my kind of books, but I have become friends with one author who sends me books in return for reviews and I know i can count on her to boost my viewings as she can count on me to write honest reviews and get more people to read her books. I am also a reviewer for Female First, although my reviews aren’t up yet, I do hope they will be up soon. So in the future i would love to have a career in Publishing. It would be a dream come true to work with something that i love!

Xmas Job

I have an Xmas job! I am a Sales Adviser in Next and so far, i am loving it there. I hope I’m kept on but if I’m not, I now have retail experience. I really thought my interview went bad but an hour later they rang me up telling me I got the job. I am now till, shoe and changing room trained, have more confidence in talking and helping costumers and I’m over my fear of the massive stockroom! Albeit it is an Xmas job and i have a few weeks left before knowing if I’m kept on or not, but it’s gotten me out of the house and given me something to do for a few hours a week, which is great as being cooped up in the house was starting to drive me crazy.

That is everything so far in my life. Hopefully I will update this blog more, but right now, I’m focusing on my book reviewing site, so click on the link next to this blog, and come and join me in my other world. You may even find a book you like the look of!

Have a great Xmas and New Years everyone!

Until next time.

First mile stone

As many of you back last month liked and read my post about my journey through losing weight, I thought I would give you a little update on how I am getting on. Last time i had lost 8 pounds, which was at the end of September. Since then, I have had bad weeks, some of which i know should have been good, because i kept within my points limit and went to the gym a hell of a lot.

Weight Watchers does not take into consideration muscle gain, but that’s okay, i don’t just go by my weight, I go by how my clothes fit me, so if I do have a bad week, and my clothes feel the same, or a bit looser then it’s down to exercise.

But going back on to topic, I have finally lost a STONE! I not only see the effects of that stone, but i also feel so much better about myself and my confidence. Since starting WW, i have a lot of clothes that I really did not want to throw away because I loved wearing them when i was that size, and now I can wear most of them again because they feel and look better on me than they did when i was heavier. There are a few dresses that are the next size down again that i aim to get into, but I know eventually I will be able to wear them again and feel fabulous in them!

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What are your memories? part 2

Back in 2010, I wrote a blog about memories and how photographs trigger that certain moment in time. Well since it’s been over two years since I’ve done this, it’s time to add to that collect.
The last photograph was when I had moved into my student house in my second year. I’ll start off from that time and work my way to where I am now, graduated and moved back home.
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