Happy New Year!!


Just a quick blog post to wish you all a very happy and drunken New Year’s Eve!

This year I have decided to stay in and roll the New Year in with my mum whilst watching TV and drinking wine. Over the past few NYE’s most of them have been bigged up and ended up as a rubbish night out; plus clubs are too expensive, I hate large crowds, the drinks are expensive and probably watered down and the taxi’s cost double. So…I am in favour of a cheap night in for once!!

Anyway, if you are going out, have a great time and have a drink for me! Leave 2012 in the past and look forward to what you can achieve in 2013. Make it the best year you can.

I’m not making any resolutions for next year as I never keep them, but as long as I just keep up my weight loss and applying for jobs I know I can do and will make me happy, then it’s all I can ask for. Also, I have been kept on in NEXT so that’s a great present to me, yet books is my passion, so one day I WILL make this a career. Next year? Maybe, who knows what will happen.

2012 for me has had its ups and down, and right now, I am as happy as I can be. I hope 2013 can carry on being as great as the last couple of months for me and I hope I can write how amazing 2013 has been this time next year.

See you on the other side 🙂



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