First mile stone

As many of you back last month liked and read my post about my journey through losing weight, I thought I would give you a little update on how I am getting on. Last time i had lost 8 pounds, which was at the end of September. Since then, I have had bad weeks, some of which i know should have been good, because i kept within my points limit and went to the gym a hell of a lot.

Weight Watchers does not take into consideration muscle gain, but that’s okay, i don’t just go by my weight, I go by how my clothes fit me, so if I do have a bad week, and my clothes feel the same, or a bit looser then it’s down to exercise.

But going back on to topic, I have finally lost a STONE! I not only see the effects of that stone, but i also feel so much better about myself and my confidence. Since starting WW, i have a lot of clothes that I really did not want to throw away because I loved wearing them when i was that size, and now I can wear most of them again because they feel and look better on me than they did when i was heavier. There are a few dresses that are the next size down again that i aim to get into, but I know eventually I will be able to wear them again and feel fabulous in them!

I have another two stone to shift now before reaching my goal, but at the moment I’m taking it day by day. I have a dress I plan to wear out over Christmas which nearly fits me now, and so I plan to keep at it over Christmas, not deterring from the plan as i want to keep on track. I need to loose a few more pounds, but i have 6 weeks to do that, and hopefully I will own that dress when i go out with my friends before Christmas.

I never thought I would ever feel good about myself again, seeing as it;s so hard for me to loose weight. Although it has taken me 3 and a bit months to get this stone off, I am a patient person and weight loss affects people in different ways – some can get it off easier, some not so lucky, but with motivation and determination, I will, fingers crossed, be able to slip into a size 10 dress or a bikini by next summer and feel amazing about my journey.

Until next time!



One thought on “First mile stone

  1. I beleive that as long as you are losing and not gaining, it doesn’t matter how long it takes you! And usually the longer it takes to come off, the longer it stays off and the way of life becomes habit instead of just a fad. Way to go!

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