What are your memories? part 2

Back in 2010, I wrote a blog about memories and how photographs trigger that certain moment in time. Well since it’s been over two years since I’ve done this, it’s time to add to that collect.
The last photograph was when I had moved into my student house in my second year. I’ll start off from that time and work my way to where I am now, graduated and moved back home.

This is a picture from Dec 2010, where myself, Emma and Jenna cooked a Christmas Dinner. As you can see, we bought crackers and everything. We tried to make it as christmassy as we could.

New Years Eve 2012. Me and Jenna hosted a party at ours then we went across the road to the SU.

My 2oth – 2011

Me and my friend Hannah had a joint party at Clwb. As both our last names end in ‘P’ we did a ‘dress up as something beginning with P’ so i went as The Pope, as its my last name. The night started off horrible for me, but by the end it was just a couple of us left on the dancefloor as the rest had gone home. This is Hannah – she went as a Princess.

I went to see Russell Howard with my uni friends and he is my FAV comedian!

In the summer of 2011, I went to see Glee with my friend Cerys. I absolutely love Glee, especially Mark Salling and Naya Riveria, so to see them live was amazing.

In August of 2011 I went to Tenerife with Cerys and Rebecca.

I started my third year of university in September 2011, and Jenna and I had three new housemates joining us in the same house we had in 2nd year. It was lush not having to move into a new house, as we really felt our house was ours.
These are the new housemates – Cassie, Hamish and Prycey.

October 2011 – Me and Caz went to see Katy Perry. I LOVE her and she was fantastic live, with all the theatrics and ‘journey’ throughout her songs. I had the best night!

For Halloween, I dressed up as the Black Swan – It was such a good night, as people kept coming up to me and telling me my make-up was awesome! Also some guy was dressed as Ash and some girl was Pikachu and on the way home, he gave me a pokeball! Although I’ve now lost it 😦

January 2012 – my 21st birthday. I went to Revs and had a really good night with my friends, then a few weeks later me and my Bampy had a family meal with everyone slap bang in the middle of both our birthdays as we are January babies, so we had a joint family meal.

I went to see Professor Green in May 2012 as a birthday present from Becca. I have loved him since forever and he was uhmazing. Chiddy Bang was one support act and he was mental too! We were so drunk and after he had finished, we stumbled back to mine shouting ‘JUST BE GOOD TO GREEN.’ My housemates were like ‘What the hell is happening.’ Then I wrote an essay due for the next day drunk and i got 52 for it hahaha.

This was our end of exams night out – I only had one – but we all went to Revs, got steaming and had a wicked night! Although the boys arent with us, it was a great way to spend the last 3 years of the course by celebrating it together. The night day i had a ‘photoshoot’ with my housemate, and we were both still drunk during it.


Me and Caz went to Beach Break at the end of June. We were hammered throughout the weekend and kept buying quad vodka and cokes every night. I cant really remember a whole lot of that weekend to be honest.


We went to Turkey for our graduating holiday (although we graduated the day after we came back). I got to know the girlies and Dan that much more better 🙂


My Graduation. Although it was raining, it was one of the best days of my life to recieve my degree in front of my family and friends – sharing this day with them.


I went to Paris in the August with my Newport friends and it was an amazing week. We went to all the landmarks and learned a lot about the history of Paris through all the tours we went on. We even spent a free day at Disneyland 😀

And that comes to the end of my memories so far. I’m sure there will be a part 3 sometime soon, but as i dont have a life at the moment, there arent many more photos than these haha.


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