First mile stone

As many of you back last month liked and read my post about my journey through losing weight, I thought I would give you a little update on how I am getting on. Last time i had lost 8 pounds, which was at the end of September. Since then, I have had bad weeks, some of which i know should have been good, because i kept within my points limit and went to the gym a hell of a lot.

Weight Watchers does not take into consideration muscle gain, but that’s okay, i don’t just go by my weight, I go by how my clothes fit me, so if I do have a bad week, and my clothes feel the same, or a bit looser then it’s down to exercise.

But going back on to topic, I have finally lost a STONE! I not only see the effects of that stone, but i also feel so much better about myself and my confidence. Since starting WW, i have a lot of clothes that I really did not want to throw away because I loved wearing them when i was that size, and now I can wear most of them again because they feel and look better on me than they did when i was heavier. There are a few dresses that are the next size down again that i aim to get into, but I know eventually I will be able to wear them again and feel fabulous in them!

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What are your memories? part 2

Back in 2010, I wrote a blog about memories and how photographs trigger that certain moment in time. Well since it’s been over two years since I’ve done this, it’s time to add to that collect.
The last photograph was when I had moved into my student house in my second year. I’ll start off from that time and work my way to where I am now, graduated and moved back home.
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Book progress so far.

Carrying on from ‘Writing a book? Yeah Right‘ I thought I would use this blog to, now and again, tell you have I am getting on with my writing. Although I have previously told you all that I am re-writing stories that I used to write when I was younger, doing so has, in fact, made me realize how much time and effort it takes to planning and writing a book.

With the first story I am re-inventing, after reading it, I knew there was a lot I had to change about it. It might have looked and seemed like a great story when I was younger, but now, after having a Journalism degree – which should help me with my writing – I’ve had to turn the story on its head and add and take out parts which just didn’t seem to fit or even make sense in the situation.

It may seem more helpful if I told you what this book is about, but alas, I am not going to tell anyone until I have finished it. I will tell you it could be classed as a ‘Young Adult’ book – seeing as the bases of when it was written was when I was about 14/15, and i really want it to be aimed at teenagers/young adults. The story isn’t exactly conventional within this society in the UK, but it could be with other countries but as a teen writing this back in the day, I think I wanted to write a story about if it could happen here. Sorry, I know I’m confusing you and not giving much away, but I’m just trying to give a little bit of detail about how I came to think of this story.

Anyway, I am currently on page 31, and starting to write Chapter 6 at the moment. The ‘new’ story still has the outline of the old one, but it seems more realistic than the old one, which I am glad of. It will probably take me a few weeks, if not months to complete it and then proof-read and edit some more but over the following weeks, I will posting my progress upon this blog of my writing, and I hope you’ll all follow my journey. At times, it seems this idea may be silly, but if i have these on my computer, and my passion for writing, I’d love to have a published book. So I hope you stick with me, and when the times right, I will tell you exactly what this book is about and whether you’d have an interest in reading it.

Until next time.