Writing a book? Yeah right.

If you’ve read ‘Time For The Weight Loss Journey’, then you will know that I am a recent unemployed graduate. Since finishing university back in May this year, I have been constantly searching for jobs – full-time, part-time, graduates, temporary, international…you name it, I’ve looked and applied everywhere for something to kick start my career.

But since being home bound, moneyless and jobless, I have taken advantage of downloading a range of different books to my Kindle over the past months to get me through the roughness of the days where I have applied for as many jobs as physically possible but there has been no response.

I’ve loved reading books for as long as I can remember. In Primary School I can always remember there being book groups in class and we used to have reading circles, where every week someone would be allowed to choose a book and the small circle would read it out aloud, each given a small part every once in a while. I don’t think it was really until i started Secondary School that books became a big part of my life. I didn’t even know who Jacqueline Wilson was until about year 8 when I borrowed some of her books from a friend and from then I was hooked on them, asking for her books for Christmas one year and not being disappointed when they were under the Christmas tree.

But I think my love of books stems from one called A Walk To Remember written by Nicholas Sparks. This book was my mother’s and after borrowing it from her (which I have yet to give her back after 10 years), I fell in love with the storyline and it quickly became one of my favourite books and of course, Nicholas Sparks became one of my favourite authors too. I found out after reading the book that there was a film made about the book, and after my father bought it for my mother – can you see a trend happening now – i borrowed it and became utterly obsessed in watching it, going as far as watching it every day after school for a month, which led me to knowing all the words to the dialogue and the songs.

Over the years, I have shared and borrowed many books from and with friend’s, talking about which ones we loved, which ones we didn’t enjoy and which ones we were excited to see in the cinema, to see if they had ruined the book or made a good representation of what the book was about.

I love recommending books to my friend’s and normally they become obsessed with that book or series as I have. Most recently I have told my friend’s to read The Hunger Games, and now, like myself, they love the trilogy and cannot wait for the second film in the series to come out next year.

To this day, I can read a book in a day, much less in a matter of hours, and I could not tell you how many books I have read in my life so far, the list would be so long by now, that I would probably even miss putting some books on there over forgetting what I have read. With so many books available out in the world, and so many different genres to choose from, GoodReads has become a great site for me to spend time on, searching for books, reviewing books I have read, reading reviews of books I fancy reading and speaking to fellow bookworms, much like I do with my friends about books.

Since reading books and reviewing is now a large part of my everyday life, I have decided to try and write my own book. I can see some of my friend’s laughing about this, wondering what I would have to write about, but when I was younger I used to write quite a lot, and so finding a hidden file with really badly half-written stories – where I would get bored or get a new inspiration for a story – saved in it, I have decided to try and reinvent them.

Although nothing may ever amount to them in terms of one or more being published, or me even wanting to publish them, I believe that if you don’t try, you won’t succeed and so by attempting to spruce up old writing material into a – perhaps- decent book for the public, well then let’s see if I can succeed in doing just that, and see if anyone would like to buy and read my very own book in the near future.





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