The girl’s guide to staying safe

If you’re a woman heading out to explore the world alone, or even with a few friends, you’re probably already streetwise and independent. The truth is though, girls do sometimes face different travel challenges, so here are a few tips for first-time backpackers to help make life on the road run a little more smoothly.

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What if you have no interest in returning home?

Back when I was in high school, I never really knew why people wanted to go travelling before university. I never really knew anyone who went on a gap year either, so I suppose that is what made me not think about taking one – that and the fact that my teachers would talk about ucas and university non-stop so that’s why I decided to go straight to university to get a degree in journalism, quickly bypassing the thought of spending a year abroad.

But when I got to year 12 in 2008, the clogs in my head started to churn as there was an opportunity to spend a month in Kenya doing all sorts of activities with a charity called Adventure Alternative. Of course I jumped at the chance to be a part of this, I mean who wouldn’t want to travel to Kenya? All the beautiful scenery, travelling around the country, the safari’s and spotting the big five whilst indulging in their culture and living their way of life for a truly amazing 5 weeks seemed like the perfect summer before my final year at school.

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