Have you gone through life without a single job interview?

In my 20 years, I’ve only ever had two jobs. Well three now if you count the one I’ll be starting when I return back to university in September.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been to two interviews in my life – not exactly an experienced interviewee. One when I was 16 for Superdrug and another a few months ago for Laura Ashley, but the jobs I’ve had, I’ve never needed to be interviewed for. I’m not lying; I’ve gotten these jobs through an ex-boyfriend and my friends.

Let’s start with my first job. My boyfriend at the time was working at Pizza Hut Delivery, and since weekends were the busiest – I say were as the number of times I was sent home because it was quiet was unreal – and so his manager wanted a girl (I was the only girl working there for 8 months) to man reception because, and I quote “people want to see a smiling face when they walk in and here a girls voice on the phone instead of a grumpy mans.”

So that was me with a job for the year before university and before I started all I had to do was turn up, be shown how to work the touch screen register and how to answer the phone and wa-lah I got told I started on the Friday.

The next job I had was for a month last year. Two of my friends were telephone canvassing for the Cardiff Liberal Democrats and they needed another person to make sure they were on schedule and so here I appear with another job with no interview. All I did was turn up; spent about 10 minutes practising on the phone with the ‘manager’ and that was my job for the month leading up to the General Election.

See where I’m coming from? I literally have no experience with getting dressed up and being interviewed for a job that I want.

Let’s take my September job. My friend works at a gym as a receptionist and over food last week told me that the lady whose business cleans the gym is looking for someone to employ. So I told her I’d be up for it although I have no experience in cleaning (apart from my room and even that is scarce) and on the weekend my friend rang me, told me that the job was mine if I wanted it and that I would be trained up.

Just like that, I have a job on Tuesdays for 6 hours cleaning a gym and it gives me around about £120 a month, which can go towards my gap year fund – gap year being taking a yea rout so I don’t have to go into full time employment straight after university.

In some ways I feel lucky that I’ve got all my jobs through people, as the saying goes you’re more likely to get a job through someone than on your own, but when the time comes and I want a job being a foreign correspondent or a travel journalist, who’s to say the person I’m up against knows the person interviewing us and they get it? Yes it seems unfair that people use their contacts to get where they want to, but wouldn’t we all if they were our contacts?

So I pose the questions, anyone out there who has never had interviews for their jobs? And anyone who thinks it’s unfair that people use their contacts to get ahead of the game? Let me know what you think.


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