How long did it take you to find your fashion style?

Growing up, everyone has gone through some sort of fashion disaster once or twice in their life.

We do it to follow the trend of our friends, whether it’s buying enormous hoop earrings and scraping your hair back or piling on the eyeliner and wearing black all day, every day.

I’ve been there, and it’s only taken me, oh 20 years to finally understand the certain clothes that ‘fit’ my style and actually suit my body type.

The thing is, I can’t and won’t ever buy tight clothes. That’s a no-no as I’m big as it is, and I couldn’t handle having the tightness clinging to my body, letting the world see my lumps and bumps. It would literally make me cringe in embarrassment.

And I know the certain clothes that look terrible on me. I can’t wear the Peter Pan tops/dresses, even though I think they are the cutest things alive, as they don’t fit my body nicely, or wear white as it makes me look even bigger than I am but I know I can wear dresses that pull me in at the waist as it’s moderately small and makes my figure look great to me, even if no one else thinks so.

I’ve only recently began to experiment with clothes to see if they ‘suit’ me or not. All my friends have their own unique fashion style and that’s what I want; to have clothes that my friends instantly go ‘that’s something that you would wear.’

I invested in a pair of harem trousers with red roses on earlier this month and partnered it up with a red boob tube and a denim jacket. This outfit is completely out of my comfort zone as I live in leggings but I thought I’d try something new, and to be honest, my friends said I look good in it, so now I know I can buy more of the trousers as I know they suit me.

Experimenting seems to be good to me. There are certain things that I would think would never suit me or things I would never wear that look good on me. There are a few examples of this but let’s just hope that my style sense sticks with me throughout my 20’s and I don’t end up looking like a walking fashion disaster like my shameful early teenage years!


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