TOWIE, Made in Chelsea, and now Cardiff Born, Cardiff Bred.

Whether you’re a fan of it or not, everyone has heard of The Only Way Is Essex and maybe the other one, you know the one, what’s it called, oh yes, Made In Chelsea.

Two completely off the scales reality TV shows, yet too captivating not to watch. Towie has vajazzling and the famous Sugarhut club whereas Chelsea has, well, too many posh people and love triangles left, right and centre.

But this phenomenon of following around groups of friends doing their daily thing has been given the thumbs up for yet another new show. Say hello to Cardiff Born, Cardiff Bred.

No, I’m not making this up, although I wish I was. Cardiff has been given the go ahead to film wannabe reality stars in the city and thousands of Welshies have been auditioning to make the cut and grab their 15 minutes of fame.

If chosen, the fame hungry people will appear in 10 half-hour shows which will be streamed on CBCB’s own website, although the show has been receiving interest from the very own BBC3. Which who can blame them, ITV2 and E4 are already out of bounds.

Well all know that reality shows are so not fake because everything that happens wasn’t written in a scipt at all as Casting Judge Sarah Jayne Farthing has said that CBCB won’t be “fake nonsense, it is a diverse range of people who are just completely normal, but also different in their own ways”

She goes on to say “Cardiff people have got a certain sense of humour and it is really different to anyone else’s – quite dry, they just say it how it is.”

As a Welsh girl myself, I feel like the people who will star in this show will make a fool out of the city and embarrass the people who live here as well as making out it’s just a drunken fools place to party.

But all I can say is that since the auditions were held in Cardiff’s Revolution bar, I suppose that it’s going to be the place where all the wannabes are going to spend their nights out? If so, that is one place I will be avoiding like the plague.


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