Go Wales placee talks about his experience.

Go Wales have been helping students find work placements for numerous years now, and Zak Lichniak is no exception. Currently in week 10 of his 12 week placement, he tells me how Go Wales have helped him in finding a placement that suits his degree.

After studying BA (Hons) Business Excellence with Information Management at The University of Glamorgan, he decided to apply for a placement as an Enquiries and Admission assistant within the University after searching for jobs on the Go Wales website.

“Before applying for the placement, I was working in Carphone Warehouse as a part time sales consultant and after being there for a few months, I decided that it wasn’t something I wanted as a career and it didn’t relate to my degree.”

He went on to say that “I came across the placement on the Go Wales website and I thought it was an excellent opportunity that would provide me with valuable experience for future interviews and jobs.”

The job advertised consisted of dealing with enquiries from potential students, whether it was email, over the telephone or in person and checking and processing applications on the admissions system.

Zak also agreed, as do many other students, that the Go Wales website is easy to use. So whether you are a computer whizz or not, Zak said that “All I had to do was upload a CV and a cover letter and wait for the outcome”

“After a week or two, I attended an interview within the department and was offered the job the next day.”

Registering with Go Wales, whether you just want a week long work experience or a 12 week placement, its worth having the experience in your chosen degree to put on your CV.

“This placement is definitely in my area, so working with the universities’ admissions and CRM system had provided me with the experience which is relevant to my degree.”

And it’s not all work and no play on placements. Zak told me that “the work is quite challenging at times but everyone is supportive and professional but they’re also a lot of fun to work with.”

As Go Wales want more students and graduates to sign up on their website, it’s time to tell all your friends just how great the company are and just how hard they work to find experience for all kinds of courses.

Zak would undeniably recommend Go Wales to his friends, as they have provided him with such a great opportunity, and since his placement started, he’s been offered a job within the department until December 2011.

“But after that, who knows what will happen.”

Asking him what he spent his first pay packet on, it was, of course, what many students spend their money on – alcohol.
“I went out and had a good weekend to celebrate my first pay check, but I’ve also booked a boys weekend away in June to Butlins, which should be really good, I’m really looking forward to it.”

So whether it’s just work experience or a paid work placement, visit http://www.gowales.co.uk, sign up and within a few days or weeks, you could be getting paid to do something you love. Take it from me, it’s definitely worth the time to boost your CV and what better way than to get the help you need from the fabulous Go Wales team.


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