BB’s Kenneth Tong promoting anorexia on Twitter

Anorexia is one of the world’s biggest killers in today’s society. With girls and boys feeling like they should thinner if they are to become the next model or signing artist, or simply because they think they fat, they begin to stop eating and exercise until their hearts content, and even after that, they still look in the mirror and think they are fat. It’s the biggest mental illness out there.

Big Brother reject Kenneth Tong has caused uproar on the social networking site twitter for promoting anorexia and ‘making’ a size zero pill for us ‘fat’ people to take. Many of the public have asked celebrities to help them get Tong deleted and banned off the site and support them in using the tag #curvesaresexy.

British celebrities are biting back at Kenneth by showing their disgust in him. Simon Cowell, Professor Green, Aggro Santos, Colleen Rooney and Rochelle Wiseman from The Saturdays are just some celebrities to name a few that have voiced their outrage towards the Big Brother evictee.

The tweets have also reached American stars such as Rihanna and Sophia Bush of One Tree Hill, who have hit back at him saying he is the reason girls are destroying their bodies and dying because of ignorant people like him.

But Kenneth Tong still continues to write degrading tweets regardless of who has tweeted him. One tweet goes like this :
And another :

It is words like this that cause anorexia not just in girls, but boys as well. His atrocious words are the reason why people feel the need to stop eating and become ill. Let’s just hope that twitter stop him quickly, before he causes more people to feel the need to become a size zero and become anorexic.

If you wish to view more of his comments


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