What are your plans for NYE?

New Years Eve is tomorrow, and yes, i have already posted two blogs on New Year Resolutions and if you keep them, and my own resolutions for the year 2011.

This blog is about how I plan to spend my evening and what I am wearing.

This beautiful dress I plan to wear is from Very.co.uk. For those who don’t know, this site is Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton and This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby’s. Although the prices are moderate, before the sales I could not afford to buy any of the clothes at full price – since being a student with no job and trying to save money – and so when the sales began, i took a trip to this website and instantly fell in love with this dress:-

This dress was £49 reduced to £11, so big bargain here for me. When it arrived, I put it on in the hope it actually fitted me, and realized it was quite revealing at the front, so i will have to pin it, and also part of my back is on show. I plan to wear a black bra with it as i cannot find a bra with clear back straps so i hope it kind of blends into my dress.

I debated over whether to go with a red or blue combination, and decided to go with blue. These are the shoes that i bought from New Look which were reduced to £12 :-

And this is what it all looks like on : –

Ignore the face, i hate taking pics of myself!

Anyway, Me and one of my housemate’s have decided to host a house party at our student house before we all stumble across the road to our SU, where i was a bit skeptical over how many people would be going, but apparently over 80% of tickets have been sold, so im a bit more upbeat about tomorrow night now. I plan to get absolutely drunk, find a cute guy to kiss at midnight and dance like a lunitic with the amazing people i am spending the night with : )

Hope whoever is reading this has an amazing NYE, and see you on the other side.


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