Have you got the Christmas spirit?

Christmas is that time of year where everyone goes, to put it lightly, mental. The time of year where people rush into their city centres, stocking up on presents for loved ones, raiding their local supermarket for the best turkey and picking the best tree and decorations to outdo their neighbours.  Ask anyone what their favourite holiday of the year is and they are more than likely to say Christmas. Ask them why and depending if it’s a child answering, which of course they will say presents, the adults will probably say its spending time with family.

As I’m turning 20 next month, the hype for Christmas has long died down. Maybe it’s because there is nothing I want or need anymore, except maybe a bit of cash – what can I say, I’m a poor student – but when December comes around, and my friends get all excited about opening their advent calendars everyday (to confirm, they are my age) and it just reminds me that I am now longer a little child who used to get so excited about Santa and Rudolph bringing me my presents.

My parents, every Christmas Eve, used to tell me and my brother that they could hear Santa’s sleigh, which resulted in us both jumping up and down, and going to sleep so Santa would drop off our presents and drink the milk and let Rudolph eat the carrot we left out for them.

At 8am Christmas morning was when we were allowed to see if Santa had come, but not before my dad made us wait on the stairs so he could check. Once he shouted “he’s been” we would go running into the living room and speedily open our presents, hoping we had got what we asked for, if not, it would put us in a mood for the rest of the day.

This ritual has now been broken. We don’t get up until half 9 / 10; we don’t wait to see if Santa has come, although my brother and I like to shout “HES BEEN” while our parents are coming down the stairs and we don’t leave milk and a carrot out.

As I’m exiting my teenage years, the only thing I want to do this Christmas Eve and day – well night really – is go out with my friends, get drunk and stumble back home. It’s just another day to me, minus the presents, family meal and all the boring Christmas films and songs that are shown every single year.

But also I can’t even bare the thought of going into town to do some shopping with everyone from Newport and Cardiff invading the shops around me. They either decide to walk extra slow so you need to power walk around them, they stop dead in their tracks which results in you yet again huffing and walking around them, or they walk straight in your directions causing you to move out of their way. I get enough of this on a daily basis when town isn’t as remotely busy, why would I want to go Xmas shopping when people are doubly annoying?!

The only thing I am excited about this year though is the money I am getting which will go straight into my savings account and will stay there until I book a plane ticket to travel around the world after my last year of university.

Yes, okay, some may say I’m a scrooge but I wouldn’t say a scrooge as much (you lot may just disagree with me as I’ve lost the Xmas spirit) I’m  just someone who has grown up and treats this day as any other of the year, minus all the trimmings.


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