New Year Resolutions pt.2

Leading on from the first post about New Year Resolutions, I have thought long and hard about what i want to change about my life  and myself next year.

During one of my radio newsdays this week, i was going to lead with the story and ask people on the streets of Cardiff- “Do you make New Years Resolution? and do they keep them or not?”

But with it being so close to christmas, my lecturer made me change my story and do an xmas one about shop sales.

But i think i’ve made realistic ones this time, not ones which i ‘wanted’ to keep but knew i wouldnt.

Anyway my first ‘promise; is to be more careful with my money. I seem to have fallen back into old habits. Last year I spent £1,500 in 3 months, on clothes, drink and god knows what, and these few months in university i have been doing the same.
I also need to pay uni for my tuition fees and the Law module i am redoing, so I’ll have zero money by summer to spend on a holiday or driving lessons. So the more money i save up, the more ill have over summer.

My second is to vigorously look for a job.
After university, I am planning to travel around the world, and with about £1500 in my savings account, I know that I will need a whole lot more money if i want this plan to happen.

My third is to finish my work way before the deadlines.
I know I can do this as I did this last year, its just can I really put enough effort in to do it? We shall see.

I don’t think i have a forth one, but I’ll be sure to add it on if i think of anything.


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