What are your plans for NYE?

New Years Eve is tomorrow, and yes, i have already posted two blogs on New Year Resolutions and if you keep them, and my own resolutions for the year 2011.

This blog is about how I plan to spend my evening and what I am wearing.

This beautiful dress I plan to wear is from Very.co.uk. For those who don’t know, this site is Radio 1 DJ Fearne Cotton and This Morning presenter Holly Willoughby’s. Although the prices are moderate, before the sales I could not afford to buy any of the clothes at full price – since being a student with no job and trying to save money – and so when the sales began, i took a trip to this website and instantly fell in love with this dress:-

This dress was £49 reduced to £11, so big bargain here for me. When it arrived, I put it on in the hope it actually fitted me, and realized it was quite revealing at the front, so i will have to pin it, and also part of my back is on show. I plan to wear a black bra with it as i cannot find a bra with clear back straps so i hope it kind of blends into my dress.

I debated over whether to go with a red or blue combination, and decided to go with blue. These are the shoes that i bought from New Look which were reduced to £12 :-

And this is what it all looks like on : –

Ignore the face, i hate taking pics of myself!

Anyway, Me and one of my housemate’s have decided to host a house party at our student house before we all stumble across the road to our SU, where i was a bit skeptical over how many people would be going, but apparently over 80% of tickets have been sold, so im a bit more upbeat about tomorrow night now. I plan to get absolutely drunk, find a cute guy to kiss at midnight and dance like a lunitic with the amazing people i am spending the night with : )

Hope whoever is reading this has an amazing NYE, and see you on the other side.


Have you got the Christmas spirit?

Christmas is that time of year where everyone goes, to put it lightly, mental. The time of year where people rush into their city centres, stocking up on presents for loved ones, raiding their local supermarket for the best turkey and picking the best tree and decorations to outdo their neighbours.  Ask anyone what their favourite holiday of the year is and they are more than likely to say Christmas. Ask them why and depending if it’s a child answering, which of course they will say presents, the adults will probably say its spending time with family.

As I’m turning 20 next month, the hype for Christmas has long died down. Maybe it’s because there is nothing I want or need anymore, except maybe a bit of cash – what can I say, I’m a poor student – but when December comes around, and my friends get all excited about opening their advent calendars everyday (to confirm, they are my age) and it just reminds me that I am now longer a little child who used to get so excited about Santa and Rudolph bringing me my presents.
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