New Year Resolutions.

“A New Year’s resolution is a commitment that an individual makes to a project or the reforming of a habit, often a lifestyle change that is generally interpreted as advantageous.”

Every New Year people make resolutions that they ‘aim’ to keep, and I am one of those. In the year 2010 my New Year resolutions were to ‘Get a job’, ‘Pass my first year of university’, ‘Get my work finished days before it needs to be in’, ‘Go to the gym and eat healthily’ and ‘spend less of my loan.’

Now did I stick to these? No, I didn’t stick to these at all!

The only job I had was for a month, I didn’t even have an interview for it. I hardly did any work as two of my best friends were working with me so we would constantly be having breaks and talking for the whole shifts.

I did pass my first year of university, but I failed my law module which means I’m redoing Law this year on top of the year two modules. It’s really annoying because it means extra work for me, but in all honesty I AM good at the law side of journalism, I got top marks in tests and essays, I just couldn’t pass the exam, which meant if I didn’t pass that, I failed the module. Unfair!

I stuck to finishing work earlier than last minute if I enjoyed what I was doing. For Law my essays were always written up days before they needed to be in simply because I enjoyed it. See past tense! Redoing Law is a drag and being with the Fresher’s is no fun either. Yes I have the advantage as I’ve already done a year of it, but having to go to court, do the tests and essays again isn’t fun.

What about the Gym and healthy eating? Well I couldn’t afford the gym as I didn’t have a job and I hardly ate anything in my first year as I had no money to, so this was a big fail.

And as soon as I had my loan through (which was every 3-4 months) it was gone in about 2 months, leaving me to ‘take’ money out of my savings account as I was such a poor student and needed money to buy clothes and get drunk.

We all make resolutions each year, but is it really necessary?

I know for a fact that I’ll make another list of things to do for the New Year but will I stick to them? No, most probably not. But making one seems like a resolution to me.

Everyone is different. People keep their promises and others don’t. To those who do in fact keep to their list, I congratulate you. You have the will power to do everything you said you would, whereas people like me just don’t have time or the energy to power through – which is called being lazy.

Yes, my 2010 resolutions aren’t that hard to keep at all, but when no one gets back to you about a job, you pick sleeping over going to university, no job = not joining a gym and because I had money I had to spend it, they are unmanageable. Especially to me.

But will you be making resolutions for the 2011 year? And are you planning on keeping them?
I think my list from this year will roll into next year and as I say every year “yeah, of course I will be planning on doing these.” But let’s just wait and see hey?


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