What are your memories?

Photographs. Just that single word for me brings up millions of different memories in my head, good and bad. But what does it bring up for you?

Take this photo for instance :

Was taken in 2007, at Cardiff’s Winter Wonderland. Newly friends in year 12 and our first ‘proper’ outing as a friendship group. I remember how Jenna, the blonde one, and myself clung onto the sides while everyone whizzed past us, and Jon, the one in the middle, really fuzzy, said how amazing he was at ice-skating, but every opportunity of skating, it ended up with him falling flat on his ass. Thinking back, we were all so happy, having such a fun time together and laughing at eachothers attempts of skating.

Now this picture was also 2007, our first 6th form party together:

We, the girls, were all freting over what to wear, how to do our hair and whose house to pre-drink at. The girls all got ready together, drinking wine or our chosen beverage and dancing around to the music channel. When the boys arrived, we were told to ‘shift our ass’ but this photo always beings back fun memories for me, how my group in school were as tight as a rock and if one of us had a problem, we knew we;d all be there for each other.

This picture is when I went to Kenya for a month in 2008:

I could not imagine NOT spending a month in this country. It was the most amazing experience of my life. This was my group in Kenya, sure i wasnt close to many people in this group but everyone was still lovely to get to know. I love this photo, simly because the children look so happy to be with us, and after it was taken they were so hyper around us it was awesome to see them like that.
I wouldnt trade that month for anything, it definately opened my eyes and made me want to see what else is out there.

May 2008 – End of Year 13:

This was such a mad and sad day for my common room. Although we all knew we had the summer left before univeristy, I hardly saw any of the boys. It’s not until now im in uni i see most people as they are based in Cardiff. This photo just proves that even though we all went our separate ways, we wont forget eachother in a hurry as we spent so many years day in, day out in each others lives. And it shows just how close we all were.

My first night in Uni – Sep 2009:

I was so scared I wouldnt make any friends when i moved into my uni flat, as i think everyone in their 1st year is scared of. But meeting Becca And Cerys, whose are on my course during my 1st day, made me quickly realize we would get on like a house on fire. On the first night, Becca wrote ‘Zoe Loves cock” on a post-it note and stuck it on me, made her boyfriend take me shopping in the night time as i had no food, and took me to another flats party where i got to know more people. Also Cerys made me become a shopaholic (something i never was before uni) and we would have bitching sessions and take-aways alot! She was also my partner to go home with as we are really bad at staying out all night 😛 This photo will remind me that there was no need to be scared of not making friends, as ive made the best friends during my 1st year already. THREE MUSKETEERS ❤

Last Journo night out for the summer – May 2010

Although the boys arent in this and some of the girls are missing, this night was the end of year 1 for all of us. Having just done an exam that day, we needed a good, drunken night out. This night was amazing, everyone turned up (which is the first time :P) but it was sad as due to money etc, we wouldnt see each other until september but this night was a very messy one and we all had millions of fun dancing to good and bad music and having so much fun together. Ive grown so much closer to most of the girls on my course too, which i love, as they are actually amazing people to know.

My uni girls holiday – June 2010:

I LOVED  this holiday. We wanted a quiet holiday so we went to Pefkos, in Rhodes, but it ended up pretty damn mad to be honest. I got to know everyone so much more better, because i was close to two of them and briefly knew the other 3 but after that week, i had become pretty great friends with them! This picture was taken in Rhodes town on a Afternoon/Night trip there and it was the perfect location for a picture of all of us 🙂 Although i dont live with them, i miss them lots and when i do see them, its like holiday all over again!

September 2010 – Year 2 and new house.

And these are my new housemates (minus one) but ive known the girl in the blue (Emma) and white (Jenna) since school and i wouldnt think of anyone else to live with. I love getting to know Laura too 🙂 This photo is the only one of all of us and we have soooo much fun when we go out!! I’m gonna be so sad when uni is over and we arent living together anymore and doing our own thing. Just gotta make the most of uni life before it ends!

And that is my memories of all the important events in my life so far. I wouldnt change anything because ‘everything happens for a reason’ and i believe that. Yes some memores in these pictures bring back other memories that arent so nice to remember but then again, it makes you stronger. It definately has with me. So whoever is reading this, think about your good and bad memories and don’t regret anything thats happened, its all part of your past, now think about your future.


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