New Years Eve disaster

New Years Eve is meant to bring a ‘new start’ to people’s lives once the clock strikes midnight, but for Clare Davies that was not true.

The 18 year old from Newport was enjoying her night out in the club ‘Kama Lounge’ when she put her bag down for a brief second only to find moments later it had disappeared.

She said “I’m devastated that someone would take my bag, let alone on New Year’s Eve. I put it down for less than a minute; turned back to pick it up and it had gone.”

All of Clare’s belongings were in her bag, including her phone and bank card, which she says she will now have to cancel.

“It’s just the hassle of cancelling everything now, and getting a new phone and debit card. Also I’ll need my mum to change the locks as my keys were also taken.”

With Clare’s night ending in disaster, she now knows never to leave her bag unattended.

“Because of this incident, I’m never going to be leaving my bag alone, and I know not to bring important things such as my bank card because of the chaos it causes to cancel everything.”

But the 18 year old does urge the person who took her bag to come forward and hand it into Kama Lounge, where she gave her details to the manager, even though she knows it is hardly likely that they will.


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