Has she lost her MIND?

A student running a marathon a day from her university in London, to her house in Manchester next year is to raise money and awareness for the Mental Health charity, Mind.

The 18 year old set up the race herself when she couldn’t take part in the events Mind have already arranged.

The run is at least 190 miles and should take a week to complete and even though it is in May 2010, the training has already begun, with the help and advice of many people she knows.  Katie Evans is determined to run 26 miles a week, hopefully leading up to doing 26 miles a day, which is the equivalent of a marathon a day. She said: “If I can do that, then it will take me a week to complete the run but it all depends on how fit I am.”

The charity she is raising money for are a mental health based organization called Mind, who campaign the issues and causes attached to mental illnesses, they educate people to try and destroy the unfair stigma and stereotyping against metal health and have played a big part in making changes to mental health legislation.

“They’re awesome and I have a lot of respect for what they do. Mental Illness is still treated as a taboo in society and this should change.” Said Katie.

Mind are keeping in contact, as they as sending her packs to help with the fundraising. So far she has raised £45, although she has only just started. There are many more months left to raise money for the charity.

“I’ve not set a target mainly because I’m worried I won’t meet it so people are free to donate as much as they wish.”

With the run in 2010, and a lot of training and fundraising along the way, Katie has mixed feelings. “I’m both excited and terrified. I’m so glad to be doing something this good and proud. If there ever was a reason for running 190 miles, this is probably one of the best I can think of.”

There is a Facebook page set up by Katie for people to join and find out more about what she is planning to do and about the charity. There is also a link where you can donate and help her to raise as much money as she can to help out Mind. For more information, search “Kat’s Lost Her MIND! Money please!!!”


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