Fashion designers hits Cardiff


Up and coming fashion designers got a chance to show off their creativity in Cardiff Bay last night. Fashion Showcase Wales comes to Cardiff once a year and with 250 models and performers is one of the biggest events in Wales. Zoe Pope reports.


(Shot of the Coal Exchange with fans outside)

Fashion Showcase Wales was held in Cardiff’s Coal Exchange hall, with hundreds of fashion fanatics gathering to enjoy the many activities of the show, (Shot of the dancers) from break dancing to contemporary dance, but the main attraction was the catwalk.

(Shot of the catwalk and clips of all six categories)

The designs were split into six categories to show the diversity of these clothes and it seemed to be the favourite part of the night.

(Interview clip of Megan Newport-Day)

“It’s fantastic, everyone’s dressed up amazingly. The catwalk was amazing and there were six different collections. It was fab.”

(Shot of Pritchard from Dirty Sanchez)

And it’s not only girls who attended the show, Pritchard from the painful Dirty Sanchez showed up to give his support to the young designers.

Since being involved with the Welsh Charity “Llamau” which helps to re-house homeless young people and change their lives, he thinks this event encourages them bring out their creative side.

(Interview with Pritchard)

“It’s been cracking, the amount of work Llamau do is awesome. These young people have done an amazing job with the designs and should be pleased with themselves and how well the event has gone.”

(Piece to camera – The New 1920’s playing Walk This Way)

So as the show comes to a finish for another year, the annual event showed us all what Cardiff designers are made of, let’s hope next year they can walk the way this fashion show has. Zoe Pope, ITV News, Cardiff Bay.



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