Baby involved in Car crash

(Our lecturer wrote this story and we had to do a TV piece about it)

A three day year old baby and his family escaped injuries when their car lost control just outside the town of Cowbridge. Zoe Pope is at the scene.

[Long shot of wrecked car in field surrounded by emergency services.]

This was the scene earlier on this evening when dangerous weather conditions caused George Bond’s car to skid off the road and roll down a bank, into a field. (Skid marks on road – pan along tyre tracks from ice patch to broken hedge bordering the road). Emergency services were called when Mr Bond managed to climb through the windscreen and phone for help as his wife and 2 young children were trapped inside due to the roof of their car being crushed.

Members of the public tried to pull Mrs Bond from the wreckage but were unsuccessful. (Fire crews used cutting gear to free Mrs Bond and the two children) When emergency services arrived, fire-fighter’s used special equipment to cut the roof off and free the remaining family members, although the most concern was for Baby Jimmy, who had been quiet throughout the rescue, causing his parents to think he was dead. (Firefighter leans into wreckage to check baby. Silence for a few seconds)

(Firefighter: “He’s ok! He’s sleeping! He’s fast asleep!”)

(Interview clip with Mr Bond) “I’m so happy we’re all ok. I’m amazed we’re still alive…I knew Liz and Joel were ok because they were talking to me but just couldn’t squeeze out. But Jimmy… I was terrified he was dead because he wasn’t making any noise. Then when they pulled him out and he was still asleep! I could have kissed that fireman who pulled him out. It’s a miracle, a real miracle.”

(Baby (Jimmy) removed from car by firefighter.)
(Interview clip with firefighter Darren Jones)

“We were all a bit worried, like, y’know, about the baby ‘n’everything. I could see the little fella and he looked asleep but I couldn’t tell. When we got the roof off and I lifted him out, I could hear him snoring, like. It was lovely to hear that. We were all chuffed to beans that he made it ok. And I’m glad I didn’t wake him up!”
Zoe Pope, ITV News, Cardiff.



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