Hey, my names Zoe.

Thought I’d make a wordpress page for myself, as every other blog I have created tends to lead to me posting pictures of things that interest me, such as Tumblr, which started off as a blog, yet my friends added me, and I felt awkward posting things what I have done etc, so pictures became ‘the trend’ to post, as my whole newsfeed on Tumblr consists of people’s favourite shows, films, music, fashion pieces etc converted into pictures. Is that what Tumblr is mainly about anyway?

Twitter aswell…I’m quite addicted to it, yet I hardly ever get mentioned in a post…I mention other people, but I suppose the people I mention will never reply back to me…seeing as they are celebrities, and nearly every ‘non-famous’ person is commenting them too, which is another reason I wouldn’t get a comment as everyone wants that person’s attention.

Harsh online world much?!

But anyway, I’m at university studying Journalism, so creating a blog seems to be a good idea to publish stories I have found and written up or just to express my opinions on certain topics.

I already have stories published on a website our lecturers created for us when we have ‘newsdays’ which are mainly us journalism students finding stories on entertainment, certain areas in cardiff disignated to us, sport, court stories etc, you name it, we’ve probably been made to find a story on that topic, but I do suppose it gets us to understand the industy more and see how stressful and fast paced a journalists job is. Eitherway, I love studying journalism and plan to become a TV anchor or Foreign corresspondant when I graduate. High hopes hey, seeing as this industry is quite competitive, but nevermind, we’ll have to see what the future holds!